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White Paper:

Tackling Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

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White Paper: Tackling Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

From March to May 2020, FairHire set out to understand better the current need for blind hiring processes amongst employers and employees by conducting a short survey covering their own unconscious biases.

Contextualised amongst recent insights from business and academia, the responses received highlight wider trends in current thought on the issues of diversity, inclusion, and unconscious bias.

Topics Covered

  • Unconscious bias: knowing is not half the battle
  • Social norming
  • Alternatives to blind hiring
  • Diversity and collaboration
  • Beyond recruitment: workplace sensitivity to unconscious bias

About FairHire

FairHire offers a frontier applicant-tracking system to employers who are looking to create a diverse workforce.

The technology provides HR and recruitment professionals with redacted versions of structured application forms, such as CVs, cover letters, and personal statements which do not indicate the applicant’s ethnicity, age, place(s) of education, sex or sexuality, in accordance with the employer’s preferences and hiring policy.